Sponsorship Opportunities

The following Sponsorship opportunities exist;

  1. Tournaments & Events

1.1. Over the board/Hybrid events

Type of Event Period Past/current events
2X Open Tournaments (standard) January Cape of Good Hope Open
March Western Province Open
1X Regional Closed Tournament (standard)  


WP Closed
1X Open Individual Blitz Tournament Cape Town Classic
1X Club Team Blitz Tournament October Cape Town Classic

WP Club Championship

1X Club Team Rapid Tournament November Cape Town Classic

WP Club Championship

1 X Club Team League (standard) July- Sept CWP League
1X Individual Youth Tournament (standard) April – Sept WP Youth
1X Open Tournaments (Masters) January Cape Town Master’s Challenge

1.2. Online events

Type of Event Period Past/current events
2 X Individual Blitz Tournaments Tbc CWP Online Blitz Championship

WP Blitz & Bullet Shootout

2 X Individual Rapid Tournaments Tbc CWP Swiss Rapid

COGH Online Rapid

1 X Club Team Blitz Tournaments Tbc CWP Team Battle Series
1 X Club Team Rapid Tournament Tbc CWP Team Swiss Championship
1 X Club Team Rapid League Tbc
1 X Youth Tournament (rapid) Tbc


2. Development Initiatives

Chess Sets for Chess Clubs (200 sets):
We request sponsorship to provide 200 high-quality chess sets to chess clubs across the Cape Town Metro. These sets will be distributed to various clubs, ensuring that aspiring players have access to the necessary equipment to practice and participate in local and regional tournaments.

Coaching Sessions for Schools (5 schools – 10 coaching sessions each):
We are committed to fostering a culture of excellence in chess within schools. Your sponsorship will enable us to select five schools and provide them with ten coaching sessions each. The sessions will be conducted by experienced coaches who will be compensated for their time and expertise.

Capacity Building Training Course for Coaches (FIDE “Chess in Education Programme”):
We seek sponsorship to conduct a comprehensive capacity-building training course for coaches. This program, presented by FIDE’s “Chess in Education Programme,” will empower coaches with advanced teaching methodologies and strategies. With your support, we aim to train a minimum of five coaches, benefiting the entire chess community in the region.

Demonstration Boards for Tournaments (10 boards):
To elevate the tournament experience and facilitate live streaming, we request sponsorship for ten demonstration boards. These boards will not only enhance the playing experience for participants and spectators but also serve as valuable training tools for game analysis and strategy improvement.

We look forward to the possibility of collaborating with your esteemed organization and making a positive impact on the chess community in the Western Province.