Chess at Libraries
We excited to bring you some great news from Kensington Library, where the first official chess tournament since the Covid pandemic took place on 12 July 2023. The tournament was organized by Clayton Oliver and was completely free for all the participants!
A total of twenty chess enthusiasts from Kensington and Factreton participated in this tournament, which was aimed at exposing developing chess players to tournament protocols and rules. The tournament was arbitrated by Cosmos Mairosi, who did a fantastic job keeping the games fair and competitive.
The participants, both kids and adults, put in their best efforts and displayed some remarkable chess moves. But at the end of the day, it was the winners who walked away with the prizes and gifts. The atmosphere was electric, and everyone was happy to participate in this wonderful event.
This tournament was a great step forward for chess enthusiasts in Kensington, and we hope to see more similar events in the future. Hats off to Clayton Oliver for organizing such a fantastic tournament, and congratulations to all the participants for showing their skills in the game of chess!