🌟 Funding Request by Elsies River Chess Club : Sponsor Charlton’s Journey to Cairo 2023! 🌟

👉 Meet Charlton Mnyasta: A Chess Virtuoso in the Making
We have an incredible opportunity to support a true chess prodigy, Charlton Mnyasta, hailing from Elsies River. Elsies River Chess Club approached Chess WP to aid in broadcasting and publicizing a call to action for supporting the sponsoring of Charlton. At just 17 years old, Charlton has dedicated six years of his life to mastering the art of chess, and his accomplishments are nothing short of astounding. Charlton has not only attained one of the highest Junior Chess SA rating in the country but also boasts one of the top Grand Prix scores in South Africa.

🏆 Charlton’s Distinguished Achievements🏆
👑 Western Cape Closed Chess Champion 2022 – B- Section
🥇 George Open A-Section Winner
🏆 Cape Town Masters Challenge – Winner Open Section
🥇 NSSC Wintergames 2022 – First Place
👑 FIDE rating of 2052 by only playing chess in the Western Cape, mainly in Cape Town

Charlton’s dedication and exceptional skills have earned him the opportunity to represent our nation at the African Youth Championship in Cairo, Egypt, taking place from 1 to 9 September 2023.

🌍 Support Charlton to Shine on the Global Stage! 🌍
To make Charlton’s dream come true, we need your support. Your sponsorship will cover essential expenses such as travel, accommodation, training, and tournament fees, allowing Charlton to focus entirely on his passion for chess and proudly represent our country.

💪 Your Sponsorship Makes a Difference! 💪
By sponsoring Charlton’s journey, you’re not just supporting a remarkable chess talent; you’re investing in the future of South African chess. Your contribution will empower Charlton to continue developing his skills, compete at the highest level, and inspire others to pursue their dreams.

🤝 Join the Elsies River Chess Club and Chess Western Province in This Call to Action! 🤝
The Elsies River Chess Club, in partnership with Chess Western Province, is rallying the community to support and sponsor Charlton. Together, we can ensure Charlton has the resources he needs to excel on the international stage.

📧 Contact Us for More Information and to Confirm Your Sponsorship 📧
For inquiries or to confirm your sponsorship, please reach out to Elsies River Chess Club:

  • Contact Person: MG Petersen
  • Phone: 084 277 5208

Your support will not only transform Charlton’s journey but also play a pivotal role in shaping the future of chess in our nation.

🎯 Let’s Champion Charlton to Victory! 🎯
Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be part of Charlton’s journey. Sponsor Charlton Mnyasta today and help him shine on the African chess stage in Cairo. Your support will leave an indelible mark on his path to greatness!

🌐 Sponsorship Details 🌐

  • Account Name: Chess Western Province
  • Bank: Standard Bank
  • Account Number: 070 157 359
  • Branch Code: 020009
  • Payment Reference: Sponsor/Charlton Mnyasta

Together, we can turn dreams into reality and inspire the next generation of chess champions!